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MP SPEAKS | Malaysia's crisis with unity

September 18, 2023

An article written by Syerleena Abdul Rashid for MalaysiaKini:

MP SPEAKS | Picture this: you are standing at the brink of a cliff, staring into an abyss so deep it swallows the light, leaving you staring into the darkness.

An unsettling metaphor, but apt for the crossroads we find ourselves in 2023.

The nation is now more fractured than ever. Instead of seizing the power of our cultural mosaic, there are those hell-bent on using it to cleave deeper divides - segregation based on ethnic lines, religious beliefs, and political ideologies.

In the aftermath of the 15th general election, divisions are not just cracks but gaping fissures that threaten our nation's stability.

Political manoeuvrings have ignited old hatreds and nurtured new prejudices. Conversations are no longer debates, but battles aimed to annihilate the opponent's viewpoint.

The electoral dust has settled, but the storm is far from over. It is a storm that can uproot the very foundation of our society if we fail to address the rot with urgency.

Weaponising identity is not just a talking point; it is a destructive strategy. It pulls at the seams of our social fabric, dividing us into convenient categories of "us" and "them".

This kind of division bleeds into the core of our nation, corroding the trust and kinship that are essential for any society to thrive.

When we lose our sense of "we", a collection of isolated, warring factions is all that is left.

Once a nation is fractured, piecing it back together is an immense, near-Herculean task. Discords create roadblocks to social cohesion, national pride, and even economic progress.

The young inherit a battlefield, not a country. The world watches not to see our successes, but to tally our failures.

Our 'New Malaysia' must never morph into a haunting 'what could have been’, no matter how challenging the present situation may be.

Visualise a Malaysia where governance is an elevated calling, a sacred trust to be wielded with fairness and justice. It is not a dream but a dire necessity.

Protecting Malaysia’s future

In this digital age, the media wields tremendous influence. Sensational headlines may be a quick route to viral status, but at what cost?

Every divisive article, every clickbait headline, adds fuel to a fire we should be desperately trying to extinguish. Responsible journalism must step up as the antidote to this venom.

So here is a plea, wrapped in urgency and love for Malaysia - a country that holds the potential to be so much more than a sum of segregated parts.

Our nation is a masterpiece in progress, a vibrant tapestry of diversity. Malaysians must protect it from being torn apart by the sharp scissors of bigotry and short-sighted politics.

The hourglass has been turned; the sand is running low. Although we are still on the edge, there is still a chance to step back from the abyss – Malaysians still have a chance to chart a new course.

A world that celebrates unity in diversity, bringing us together and creating a more empathetic society. This vision is not far-fetched but within reach.

The choice is for every Malaysian to make – rise above the challenges and meet them head-on as one or plunge into the abyss of a very bleak and destructive future.

The choice is ours to make and the time is now.


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